These agreements made by companies to save jobs

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More and more companies are negotiating Collective Performance Agreements (CPAs), which change working conditions.
This is one of the last bulwarks to avoid redundancy plans. As the next few months look bleak on the economic front, more and more companies are starting to look at Collective Performance Agreements (CPAs). Created by the Pénicaud ordinances of 2017, this tool offers the possibility of reviewing employees’ working conditions, via agreements signed by the majority of trade unions. And this in order to preserve jobs. In concrete terms, this generally takes the form of RTT planing, increases in working hours, or even temporary reductions in pay. “These PCAs help maintain a certain level of economic performance that will delay, or even obviate, the need to set up a social plan,” explains Olivier Angotti, a lawyer with the FTMS law firm.

The point of view of Olivier Angotti, a lawyer in social law, FTMS law firm, for Le Figaro.

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